I purchased a Honda mower and many other lawn and garden products from Arvada Rent-Alls. In a world where everything comes in a box and requires a 50 page manual, it is so nice there is a company that puts the focus on the customer experience. Lets face it when you buy a new " toy" you want to use it right away. The folks at Arvada Rent- Allls not only assemble the product you are purchasing but show you how to use it. They also provide different tips to keep your new product running great. There knowledge of the products and guidance is very much appreciated. I will not buy from anywhere else.

My experience with Arvada Rent Alls spans 20 some years. I have always experienced professional and personal assistance in my needs with in the landscape and irrigation industry. Over the years you begin to notice the staff does not change often and you build relationships based on your needs. As far as home needs and assistance these guys and gals know their stuff and have been involved in helping others problem solve long before you or I stand in front of the counter. The owners truly care about the community and provide support and donate to local needs of the area. One last thought, with a large usage of equipment during my career and the rental of equipment from other providers Arvada Rent Alls equipment always stands out it is always ready for a full day of use, while others many times provide equipment not quite up to the task. This I believe is based in the knowledge of the equipment and the tenure of those providing the service on it. I cant say it enough these are small town guys in the big city ready to help you with all your needs.

SJO Electric, LLC has been working with Arvada Rent-Alls for years! Every time we need a larger piece of equipment they are there to help us get it set up. I usually call in with no idea what I'm renting for the company and they walk me through what we need and always have it! They are professional and personable. We highly recommend them to any one that needs equipment; big or small.