Pressure Washer Usage and Tips

Pressure Washer, Gas-Powered



  • Always wear safety glasses or goggles and appropriate clothing when operating unit.
  • Always place the machine on a level surface.
  • Always operate the machine in a well-ventilated area.
  • Never use preheated water in excess of 140 degrees into the machine.
  • Never spray flammable liquids.
  • Never point the lance or nozzle at people or animals.
  • Always keep the pressure hose connected to the machine and the spray gun while the unit is pressurized.
  • Always seek emergency medical care immediately if any fluid penetrates the skin. The cut may be deeper and more serious than it appears.
  • Never move the machine by pulling on the hose.
  • Never secure the spray gun in the "ON" or "SQUEEZED" position.
  • Never operate the machine with insufficient water supply to the pump. Damage occurs to the pump if run with an insufficient or no water supply. 
  • Never smoke while operating or fueling this machine.

  • Attach a water supply garden hose to the pump inlet.
  • Attach the high pressure hose to the pump outlet.
  • Insert a nozzle into the nozzle quick coupler.
  • Turn ON the water supply.
  • Squeeze the spray gun trigger until a steady flow of water sprays out the nozzle. Make sure all the air is purged from the hoses before running the pressure washer.

  1. Start the engine.
  2. If the engine does not start on the first pull, squeeze the spray gun trigger. This will relieve the pump pressure and make the engine start easier.
  3. Once the engine is started, squeeze the spray gun trigger to begin cleaning.
  • CAUTION! Always make sure there is a nozzle inserted into the nozzle quick coupler before relieving pressure from the system. Without a nozzle, the O-ring in the nozzle quick coupler might be forced out. If this happens, the nozzle quick coupler will not work until the O-ring is replaced.

  1. Turn the engine OFF.
  2. Squeeze the spray gun trigger to relieve the system pressure.
  3. Turn the water supply faucet OFF.
  4. Squeeze the spray gun trigger to drain water out of the hoses and the pump.
  5. Remove the water supply garden hose from the pump inlet.
  6. Remove the high-pressure hose from the pump outlet.
  • CAUTION! Never disconnect the high-pressure hose from the pump or spray gun while the system is pressurized. De-pressurize the system by squeezing the spray gun trigger after the engine is turned OFF.

  1. Insert the chemical hose into a chemical solution. Completely submerge the chemical strainer in the chemical solution.
  2. Use the chemical nozzle in the nozzle quick coupler.
  3. Squeeze the spray gun trigger until chemical discharges from the nozzle.

  • White: 40-degree spray angle. Used for removing loose dirt and water sweeping.
  • Yellow: 25-degree spray angle. Used for general cleaning.
  • Green: 15-degree spray angle. Used for scouring away stubborn stains.
  • Red: 0-degree spray angle. Used for the toughest cleaning jobs.

  1. Choose a spray nozzle for your application.
  2. Hold the nozzle 6-in. to 12-in. from the cleaning surface.
  3. Use long, slow, deliberate stokes from side to side (similar to using a paint sprayer). This technique will provide the most effective cleaning impact and minimize streaks and skips in the cleaning surface