About Us and Our History

Arvada Rent-Alls was founded by local Arvada businessman Art Tidwell in late 1963. The company began as a modest franchise boasting an inventory of just $15,000 in rental equipment. Over the years we have grown to become one of the Denver metro area's largest independent rental centers as well as one of the largest Stihl dealers in the state of Colorado.

Art was respected as a humble man and was well liked by those around him. He based his business on honesty and integrity, and always gave his customers the benefit of the doubt. He had a sense of humor and loved to talk with his customers, much to the consternation of his wife, Georgianna, who often worked the front counter with him. Art was active as a Shriner, was a member of the Elks Lodge, was a past president of the regional American Rental Association and served on the Legislative Committee for the association as well.

Although Art passed on in 1994 after a battle with cancer, the attributes that built the man are carried on in the business philosophies of Luke Heesacker and Andrew Heesacker - the president and vice-president of Arvada Rent-Alls.

Take a look at the two photographs below. The first one was taken in August of 1964. Art is the man on the left. Ralston Road was being widened and re-paved at the time this was shot. The second was taken in 2003 and shows the crew of 30 year veterans at that time. Two of the previous co-owners, Dave Erickson and Randy Engstrom are pictured there, but have since retired!